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The “Organic” label is valuable to farmers and eaters. But big corporations are trying to change the definition so they can label their food “Organic” that isn’t really organic. They want vegetables and fruits that were not grown in the soil — a foundation of organic agriculture — to be called organic.

The decision on whether or not to redefine ‘organic’ is happening right now. Tell the National Organic Standards Board, who set the certification standards, that if it’s not in the soil, it’s not organic. More information.

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Dear National Organic Standards Board,
I stand with the community of organic farmers and consumers that rely upon organic food and agriculture for not only the nutritious and clean food that it provides, but also as the solution for a sustainable future through regenerative agricultural practices. The organic farmers that pioneered the organic revolution decades ago did so in the interest of our health and that of the soil, plant, water and animal health and also to create a system of agriculture to pass down to the next generations. Read more here…

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