Real Food for Future Generations

Announcing: The Real Food Campaign

Next 7 is a foundational partner in The Real Food Campaign, a comprehensive and exciting Citizen Science project that will build deep nutrition in the food supply and provide consumer transparency with a device to measure the nutrients in our food. By growing food regeneratively, in cooperation with the biological principles of nature, we have the opportunity to stabilize our climate and environment. 

Reclaiming organic: The Real Organic Project

In response to the watering down of the USDA organic standards in recent months, organic farmers have formed the Real Organic Project to reclaim what was lost at the hands of the USDA in regulating the standards, such as animal welfare and growing in soil.

Next 7 is an ally and supporter of this project to return integrity to the organic label.

Summertime Films

We’re excited to psupport these films that are making a difference: Farmers for America, The Food Cure and Generation Zapped.

Grab a bowl of organic popcorn on and enrich your mind with these thoughtful films on food, farmers and the threats (and solutions) to human health

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